The Authorpreneur Secret$ Academy Membership Group [The Rare Ones]

Equipping Caribbean Authors to Publish and Leverage Books for Maximum Impact and Income

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95% of authors lose profit on their first book” (Dr. Derek Murphy, Creative Indie)

This will not be you! Learn how to publish for less and leverage your book as platform to impact millions and make millions without selling a million books.

Instead of Taking an Expensive Publishing Package OR Struggling to Publish on Your Own and Making Costly Mistakes, Join C. Ruth Taylor's Membership Group for Independent Authors. Get the Tutorials and Expert Guidance You Need to Publish, Market & Monetize Your Book Without Breaking the Bank.

Access 12 Modules of Pre-Recorded Publishing Tutorials for Every Stage of your Author Journey, from Manuscript to Market + Private Coaching/Consultation Sessions + One Monthly Live Masterclass and Q & A Session + Bonus Resources for US$97 per month or US$497 (one-time fee)!

This 6-Month program will help you to become a published author faster than you thought possible and help you recover your publishing costs in no time.

Note: US$97 per month for the January 2023 cohort.

Join the Authorpreneur Secret$ Academy Membership (ASAM) group if you can identify with the following:

  1. I have a written manuscript (first draft of a book) that I want to publish.
  2. I want Ruth Taylor's guidance and support to publish my book without breaking the bank.
  3. I want to learn how to save thousands of dollars in publishing.
  4. I want to become an Amazon bestselling author.
  5. I want to learn how to market and monetize a book and create multiple income streams from a book.
  6. I want to become a certified publishing coach and offer publishing services.
  7. I want inspiration, accountability, and support to win on my authorship/publishing journey.


Ruth works with first-time or published authors in the Caribbean and the Diaspora who want to take charge of their publishing and reduce their publishing costs.

NOTE: While Ruth's primary focus is Non-Fiction books (memoirs, how-to, educational and teaching books, devotionals, inspirational books, journals and workbooks), she also works with authors of poetry, children's books and certain genre fiction on a case by case basis.

BECOME PART OF THE 1% Club. Join the Authorpreneur Movement Today!

About 85% of people want to become an author but less than 1% do. We'll help you to become part of the 1%.

We call these published authors the Rare Ones or the 1% Club.

On average members of Ruth's community publish their books within 4 months.

In the Caribbean, we often lament that our people don’t write or read enough. This membership group exists to change this narrative. It's time to write and publish Caribbean stories and share them with the world.


An Authorpreneur is an author who leverages books as a platform for transformation; creates initiatives and profitable programs, services and products around their books for greater impact and income beyond book sales.


You get more for less.

Instead of paying a premium price to publish your book (US$1500-$10,000) you will learn how to publish for less than US$1000.

Members of ASA's 1% Club also get:

  • 1-Year Access to Our Publishing Library of Tutorials which has materials on how to write, publish, launch, market and monetize your books. Includes eBooks, audiobooks, over 12 pre-recorded masterclasses, checklists, worksheets, and templates
  • Two (2) monthly individual consultation sessions (30 minutes each) with C. Ruth Taylor
  • A monthly Live Group teaching and Q&A session on Zoom
  • Book coaching support and guidance in writing, publishing, marketing and monetizing your book
  • Access to the Caribbean Authorpreneur Live Summit Interviews and Q & A Sessions
  • Group Accountability and Community Support
  • 5% discount publishing services through BambuSparks Publishing.


Video Testimonial - First-Time Author

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Your Instructor

C. Ruth Taylor
C. Ruth Taylor

Hello, I'm an Authorpreneur, Amazon bestselling author of over 25 books, an international speaker, trained educator and certified career coach from the beautiful island of Jamaica.

Since 2001, through speaking, writing, teaching, mentoring and coaching, I've helped thousands of people including many authors and youths to win in their personal lives and careers. I've spoken in 14 countries to thousands of people in Jamaica, countries in the wider Caribbean, Latin America and Africa.

In November 2018, I took on the challenge of writing 20 manuscripts in one year and by November 2019, the feat was accomplished. I published 16 of those manuscripts in a year without breaking the bank.

Today, I teach experts to turn their knowledge, experience and skills into books which they can leverage for maximum impact and income and leave a legacy.

Course Curriculum

  Module 12: Additional Writing & Publishing Help
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Courses Included with Purchase

2022 Caribbean Authorpreneur Summit Recordings
12-Author Experts + 10 Publishing Services Providers Share their Stories and Secrets to Win with Books Beyond Book Sales
C. Ruth Taylor

Original Price: $47

Frequently Asked Questions

When does enrollment start and finish?
Enrollment is January each year over 10-day period. This is a 6-month training and coaching support program to move you from manuscript to market. However, members can unsubscribe at any point and rejoin at the next opening.
How long do I have access to the membership site?
You have access as long as it is remains published on the platform. After enrolling, you can access this membership site across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the group?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund. If you paid in full, there is no refund after first 30 days. You can withdraw membership at any time.


Thank you for signing up to become part of the 1% club. You are about to become one of the Rare Ones, who not only desire to write a book but actually complete it and profit from it.

Your book could be the boat that helps someone to cross over to the other side safely and happily!

You can do it! I look forward to reading your book (s) soon, seeing you impact more lives and profiting from your books!

Get started now!