Calendar of Activities


Welcome to Ruth's CASA's - The 1% Apreneur Elite Club!

This is primarily a author support community to get the help you need to write, publish and profit from your book in a cost-effective manner.

Membership Criteria: It is open to aspiring or published authors with a first draft of their book, or those who have some existing written or recorded material and are committed to publish their book in 6 months.

Primary Focus: The focus is primarily on publishing and leveraging books for greater impact and increased income beyond book sales, without breaking the bank.

TIME: January 19 - July 30 Annually

Monthly Group Meetings/Consultations Begin: 1st Wednesday in February at 7p.m. ET


1. Live Masterclass & Q & A Session [60-90 minutes]: There will be one Live Teaching and Q & A Session on the first Wednesdays of each month unless otherwise prevented.

You will have 1-Year access to all the Live and recorded monthly masterclasses and the training material in your Authorpreneur Secret$ Membership Dashboard/ Resource Bank for if you stay for six months.

2. Program Format: You will be required to do the readings and assignments from the Authorpreneur Secret$ textbook. You will create your publishing roadmap and take the the steps required to publish your book.

Members of the group will offer ideas to help you market and sell your first 1000 books. You get support on your authorship journey through author peer mentoring.

C. Ruth Taylor will be available for the Monthly LIVE sessions where the publishing steps are clarified, questions asked or pitching is done.

3. Missed a Session: We will email the links of the recorded Live sessions which are held on Zoom.

4. Genre: While our specialty is non-fiction, we do provide guidance for some genres of fiction, poetry and children's books.

5. Curriculum: Follow the book and explore the resource materials as needed. They are divided into 5 areas: Writing, Publishing, Book Marketing, Book Launch, and Authorpreneurship.

6. Private Consultation Sessions & Email Feedback: Publishing Coaches are available to guide you in 1:1 sessions twice per month for 30 minutes on specific days of the week. If you fail to utilize these sessions, they do not roll over. Outside of this communication is largely via email. Sessions are held on Zoom. All sessions must be booked in advance.

NOTE: C. Ruth Taylor will not be doing the private coaching consultation sessions. Two of her publishing coaches will be available to assist you. She will only be available for the Live group sessions each month.

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