Membership FAQ


1.    How will I be charged for access to the membership training, resource materials and coaching?

Ans. You will be charged $99 (USD) or US$550 for immediate access to all of the pre-recorded masterclasses, training materials and publishing resources in the academy. Your nominated payment method will be automatically deducted from once a month to continue your access to the training, coaching and materials. You can cancel at any time, but if you cancel before six months, you immediately lose access to all of the training materials and resources in the Academy.

Email [email protected] to let us know if you wish to cancel membership and cannot navigate the site to do so.


2.    Can I cancel my membership?

Ans. Yes. You can cancel your membership at ANY time no questions asked. Email [email protected] to let us know if you wish to cancel membership. We’ll unenroll you immediately. Note: If you cancel before six months, you immediately lose access to all of the training materials and resources in the Academy.


3.    How do I access my training?

Ans. The first time you click to purchase your Authorpreneur Secrets Membership Group you will need to sign up and create your own login details. As soon as you have paid your first $99 or the one-time fee of US$550, you will have full access. 

You will need to log in with your own log in details each time you access your training/resources. It is recommended that you save the Authorpreneur Secrets Membership Group to your favorites so that it is easy to find next time. You will also be sent a welcome email with the link to your member's area for reference.


4.    Do I get access to all of the resources and training materials immediately, or is it drip-released?

Ans. You get immediate access to all content available. All the material you need to write, publish and market your book are already included and updated regularly. The Live Sessions clarify the pre-recorded training and offers community support and feedback to help you on your publishing journey.


5.    Can I just watch all of the pre-recorded masterclasses courses in one go and then cancel my subscription right away?

Ans. Yes. This is not advised but you are free to do so. It is quite a bit of material and it may take more than one month to go through.

6.    Do I have to become a member to access your training/coaching?

Ans. No. You can do private book coaching or consultation through Ruth's Authorpreneur Secret$ Book Coaching and Consultancy Services. These will be at premium rates. Visit to find out more.


7.    Will my monthly membership fee increase?

Ans. The price stays the same until 2030

8.    Will I get new content?

Ans. Yes. All members will have access to new content and upgrades automatically added to their member dashboard/resource bank at no extra cost to their monthly subscription.

9. What about Legacy Members?

Ans. As long as the program exists, if you have been grandfathered in, you pay no extra fee.

10. What if I don't publish in six months?

Ans. Then you may consider working out a private coaching plan with Ruth or join the next cohort at the next opening of the membership group. OR contact her publishing company BambuSparks to get the help you need. Our aim is to get authors publishing or certified as quickly as possible. You can publish a book in 90 days or within 4 months.

If you have more questions, ask it in the comment section below or email Ruth at [email protected] or [email protected].

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