Program Overview


This program is designed to give teens the foundations to win in their personal lives and careers before they leave high school.

Participants will:

  • Create their 5-10 year Design to Win Plan
  • Learn essential publishing skills to make money helping authors
  • Learn professionalism and essential employability skills an early age and
  • Learn entrepreneurial skills and how to make money online
  • Earn from their skills and be challenge to make their first US$1000 | J$100,000.
  • Get opportunities to gain a scholarship for college
  • Gain essential spiritual, financial and personal life skills to position them to thrive in life from early.

The curriculum has two main components:

1. The Personal Development (PD): Based on the textbook, "Design to Win Young Achievers Road Map. Through the PD Component, participants will read/listen the textbook and complete all exercises given. They will benefit from guest presenters and courses to help them plan for their future. They will also learn life skills to navigate difficulties and setbacks in life.

2. Publishing Skills and Income Generation: In this component, participants will learn employability skills, do on the job training, book-keeping and basic accounting skills, principles of entrepreneurship, being money smart, millionaire money maps, and skills in book publishing. They will also do the Income generation practicum to earn their first US$1000 online.

There will be introduced to young achievers and young role models throughout the program.


During the program participants will engage in a compassion project to serve the less fortunate and give financially to charity.


LIVE Classes will be held on Zoom twice per month with self-paced learning exercises twice per month. Participants are expected to do weekly readings according to the lesson topics and complete the activities given.


Watch the video story and read the notes which follow.

We believe there is hope and that we can break negative cycles and change the world.

With respect to the course creator's native country, Jamaica, this course will help persons to take careful actions to honor its national pledge, "...that Jamaica may under God, increase in beauty, fellowship and prosperity and play her part in advancing the welfare of the whole human race."

In doing so, Jamaica and your country will indeed become a great place to live, work, do business and raise families.